Creating a Call to Action

How to create and embed a Call to Action with

Calls to Action let you offer something valuable to your readers in exchange for their email address. You can embed amazing-looking lead magnet forms right in your Medium or WordPress post. The main difference between a Call to Action and a Lead Magnet is that the CTA does not ask the reader for their email address.

Creating a Call to Action with is very easy. Here's how it works:

  1. Login to your account. You can authenticate with Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.
  2. Click "Calls to Action" in the sidebar.
  3. Click "Create New Call to Action". Our beautiful live editor will open, and you can click on any part of the form to edit it.
  4. Click on the title (it'll say "Untitled Call to Action") and give your form a title.
  5. Click in the body of the form to edit your offer text.
  6. You can edit the placeholder text for the email field - just click in the field and type the text that you'd like to appear to prompt readers to enter their email address
  7. Change the layout of the form by selecting a layout from the menu.
  8. If you choose one of the image layouts, you'll be able to upload an image to your form. Just click on the grey placeholder box, and then select your image from your computer. will automatically adjust the size and position of the image to fit any browser width, from mobile to large screens.
  9. Customize the button color by clicking on the color icon next to "Button Color". You'll see the button color update in real time.

Attach Your Call to Action File

You can do one of two things when a reader clicks your button: send them to a URL, or download a file.

  1. To send the reader to a URL, clic, "Send to URL", and then enter (or paste) your URL in the field. After the reader submits the form they'll automatically be redirected to that URL.
  2. To have them download a file, click on "Download a file". You can then click "Choose a file", and select the file from your computer.

Embed Your Form

  1. Now that you've created your opt-in form, you'll want to embed it on your website.

Customize Your Confirmation Email

By default, will send a confirmation email whenever someone fills out your form. You can turn off the confirmation email or edit the text of the email.

  1. Click on your Call to Action, and then click "Confirmation Email".
  2. To turn off the confirmation email, click the slider button so that it turns from green to grey. To turn it back on, click the slider again so that it turns green.
  3. Enter the text that you'd like to appear in the email.
  4. Click the Save button at the bottom of the window.

It is possible to cusomize the text of the email using "liquid" variables. Liquid variables are contained in double curly brackets, like this: {{ variable }}. The following variables are available:textile

  • {{ form.title }} - the title of your form.
  • {{ form.download_url }} - the URL to send your reader to when they complete the form. This will either be the file that you uploaded or the URL that you entered when you created your lead magnet form.