Drip Integration

Send your subscribers from your ContentUpgrade.me lead generation forms to your Drip account.

ContentUpgrade.me features a native integration with Drip email marketing automation software.


Connect your Drip account

In your ContentUpgrade.me account, click Integrations, then click "Connect Drip"


Login to Drip

Enter your login credentials for Drip


Grant Access to your Account

Click "Authorize" to allow ContentUpgrade.me to connect to your account.


Drip is Now Connected

That's it. Your Drip account is now connected. Now, every new subscriber will be sent to your Drip account.

Working with Subscribers in Drip

Whenever a subscriber submits one of your ContentUpgrade.me lead generation forms, ContentUpgrade.me will send the subscriber to your Drip account along with some additional data. The subscriber will get a tag "ContentUpgrade.me", and an event will be recorded.


Go to your Events report

Click the Reports menu, then click Events.


Select the Event

Select the event "Submitted contentupgrade.me form". The report will update showing you all the events with the most recent on top. Click on a subscriber to view the details of the event.


View Event Details

Click "Toggle properties" under "Submitted ContentUpgrade.me Form" to open the event details. You'll see the following details:

  • The date and time the form was submitted
  • The URL of the form
  • The name of the form
  • The unique ID of the form

Create Automations

You can now use the event to trigger automations and workflows in Drip. Check out Drip's Knowledge Base for details on how to set up automation.