Embedding Your Lead Magnet on Medium.com

Using your lead magnet on your Medium articles.

Embedding your lead magnet on your [(Medium.com)[https://medium.com] posts couldn't be easier. Medium.com uses Embed.ly to automatically expand the raw URL and insert the embed code into your post.

  1. Go to ContentUpgrade.me and click on your lead magnet. 
  2. Click “Embed”.
  3. Click the little “clipboard” icon next to the URL. That’ll copy the URL to your computer’s clipboard. 
  4. Open up your article on Medium.com
  5. Put your cursor at the spot where you want the lead magnet form to appear (a new line is usually best). 
  6. Paste the URL (in Windows press Ctrl+V, on a Mac press Command+V, or right-click with your mouse and choose Paste). 
  7. Watch the URL magically transform into your lead magnet.

You can use this same lead magnet on multiple posts, and even in multiple places in the same post. 

Here's how it will look: